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Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Cleaning Benefits

Regular furnace cleaning is an integral part of your furnace’s maintenance. Dirt is its number-one enemy. A poorly maintained furnace can result in many harmful contaminants circulating throughout your home, including household dust, pet dander, debris, pathogens, allergens, chemicals, and dust mites. Although the air entering passes through a filter, the filter cannot possibly remove everything, and over time its tiny holes become choked with dirt. Additionally, the internal parts of the furnace (blower, motor, fan, etc.) become dirty themselves, and this dirt gets caught up in the system and blown back into your home.
An improperly cleaned and maintained furnace can also be dangerous. Carbon monoxide is a natural product of combustion and is found in combustion fumes, such as those produced by oil or gas furnaces. These fumes are normally exhausted from your home through the furnace’s venting. A clean, well-maintained, and efficiently burning furnace will produce less carbon monoxide than a dirty, inefficient one.

Recommended Frequency

Most experts agree that furnace cleaning should be performed at least once every two years, and as often as every year for some households, including those with multiple residents, pets, and family members with allergies or asthma. Regular furnace cleaning improves the efficiency of your heating system and helps to maintain indoor air quality. In addition to having your furnace cleaned regularly by one of our technicians, you should clean or replace your furnace filter at least every 3 months.

The Process

The furnace cleaning process consists of the technician using pressured air and a vacuum to clean all major parts of the unit, including the heating elements, eliminating scale buildup, preventing the unit from becoming clogged, increasing efficiency and extending the life of your furnace. Finally the technician cleans the blower and fan compartment, removing all dust and debris from the fan blades, which helps prevent the blower motor from burning out.

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